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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Why sell your used mobile phone?
Once you are done with a phone, sell it to make money and at the same time protect the environment and bridge the digital divide.

Q2. Why choosing to re-use or recycle?
Cell phones are short-life items and millions of them are sitting in shelves. They contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic, beryllium, copper or lead. If they are not disposed properly and end up in landfills, they are damaging to the environment. They are also made from raw materials requiring energy to extract and transform into a cell-phone. By re-using your phones, we prevent wasting natural resources. When they are beyond repair, we recycle them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Q3. What happens to my phone?
Once we get your phone, we check it to know whether it can be re-used (with or without being refurbished) in developing countries to promote access to communication or has to be recycled to protect the environment.
Online process

Find your phone

Q4. How can I find my phone?
You can type the name of the model in our search engine, use our list to find the make and the model, have a look at the pictures per manufacturer or enter you IMEI number.
Q5. What is the IMEI number?
The International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) is a unique 15 digital serial number to identify each phone. You can find it either by typing *#06# on your phone or at the back of your handset.
Q6. What if it is not on the list?
If you can not find your phone, please let us know on our ‘not listed phones’ button. We will value your phone within 24 hours.

Q7. Can I sell a barred or stolen phone?
No. Our policy is not to trade barred or stolen phones.
Q8. How many phones can I sell?
There is no limit to the amount of cell-phones you can trade.

Q9. What kind of phone can I send?
We buy any phone, any make, any network as long as it is working. We also recycle any phone even if it is not working anymore to help protect the environment.
Q10. What exactly do I have to send?
Please send us your phone with its battery. We can also reuse or recycle accessories and chargers but we will not pay you more for it. Do not forget to send us the print of or write down your order number to speed up the payment process.
Q11. How long do I have to send my phone?
Once you have registered online and got a confirmation email, you have up to 10 days to send us your used phone. After 10 days we will send you an email to let you know that we have annulled your order.
Q12. Do I need to insure my package?
Yes, It is strongly recommended to post your phone(s) either by using Royal Mail Special Delivery or PacketPost delivery as you get a tracking number to trace your post and is insured up to £500.00 in case of Special Delivery and up to £50.00. in case of PacketPost delivery. Please do not forget to take proof of postage at your local post office and keep it safe till your FoneHub sale order is processed. You can also track your Packetpost Tracked Return on We do not accept any liability for lost or damaged items.
Q13. Where do I need to send my phone(s) to?
We Have two postal options available Special Delivery and Packetpost.

1 Special/Recorded Delivery

Special Delivery is available at your nearest Post Office, will cost a few pounds but insures your phone(s) against loss up to £500.

Fonehub Limited
47 Raven Row
E1 2EG

2 Packetpost Delivery

If you choose to send by Packet Post, please do not forget to take proof of postage at your local post office and keep it safe till your FoneHub sale order is processed. You can also track your Packetpost Tracked Return on Royal Mail. and it insured service and covers insurance up to £50.00. It takes up to 3-5 working days for us to receive a Packetpost envelope.

Packetpost Licence No 553953P2
Fonehub Limited
47 Raven Row
E1 2EG

Packaging Instructions

  • The battery must be placed inside the mobile phone and switched off to prevent false activation.
  • The mobile phone must be wrapped either with a tissue or bubble wrap to secure against movement and to avoid damage in transit.
  • Where two mobile phones are being sent, they should be individually wrapped and inserted back to back within a single cardboard box.
  • For Packetpost Tracked Returns, only two mobile phones per post are allowed.

Please Note
Please note it is very important to adhere to the New posting and packing instructions as above for safe delivery of the post. FoneHub does not take any responsibility for non-delivery of phone(s) which does not use either Royal Mail Tracked Service or Special Delivery Service.

Please do Contact FoneHub Limited at 02073776644 (11AM-5PM) or email us at for any further information and we will be glad to assist you further.

Q14. How do I know you received my phone?
Once we receive your phone, we will send you a confirmation by email to keep you posted or you can check your order status in member login area.

Q15. How long does it take to receive the payment?
We will send you a cheque within 48 hours after receiving your phone by 2nd class post.
Q16. What if I haven’t received my payment after 10 days?
Most likely this will be because of external problems linked to the postage. In any case, you can track the status of your payment online . In case of a delay, we recommend you to contact us after 10 days at the following address: and we guarantee you to update you within 24 hours. 

Q17. What happens to the personal information in my phone?
In order to safeguard your privacy, it is strongly recommended to remove all your personal data before posting your phones.

Q18. Is the information I give on the website protected?
The information captured from customers is kept confidential and will only be used to process the order/transaction and/or to offer any assistance in completing the order/transaction.

Return Policy

In case of a revised offer being offered for your mobile phone(s) and you are not happy to accept, we are happy to return the mobile phone(s) back to you through Royal Mail. Customers are now responsible for the delivery charges if they want there phone(s) return back to them.

Royal Mail Recorded Delivery - £5.00. Its provide a tracking number and a compensation of up to £50.00 in case of any loss or damage to the post.

Royal Mail Special Delivery - £10.00. Its also provides a tracking number but a compensation of up to £500.00 in case of any loss or damage in the post..

Please note, FoneHub does not accept any responsibility for non-delivery/loss or damage of mobile phone(s) being returned back to customer and will not offer any additional compensation apart from what Royal Mail provides.